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The Barn of Terror is on hiatus for 2014. Planning to come back better than ever!!

*Barn of Terror Announces a Hiatus for 2014*

Planning to comeback better than ever.
Noblesville, Sept. 2nd 2014: The Barn of Terror announced today that they would be taking a brief hiatus for the 2014 season. While many factors played in to what they call a ‘difficult’ decision, spokespersons for the Barn assure that the attraction will be back better than ever for 2015.
“We are looking at several different options, from locations to what scare points will be used,” Owner and founder Ryan Demler commented.
The Barn of Terror’s home for the last several years was sold earlier this year, requiring the attraction to find a new home. They had made progress in this area; however due to building and fire code issues the attraction was unable to safely secure the location for the 2014 season. There are ways of making the location in mind safe and secure for use, but with the short timeline until the Halloween season the Barn feels like rushing such a delicate process would in return present a lesser quality of haunted house. Instead, the Barn is choosing to take the year off to focus on making a better quality scare.
“The loss of venue for us earlier this year was unfortunate, but it does pave the way for a bigger and better attraction. We want to make it safe for everyone too, which is a big concern for us. By taking the extra time and care in planning, we hope to ensure that we give an experience better than we ever have.” Spokesperson Chris Mills stated.
They ensure that aside from a new location and a new set of scares that 2015 looks to be an innovative year. They won’t release any details just yet as there are many details to work out, but they do promise it will be big.
Stay tuned for more information on the 2015 season and any other upcoming news.

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